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Aluminium Castings
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Secondary aluminium alloys 

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        16 years of aluminium quality alloys!

We are an aluminium foundry specialised in secondary aluminium alloys. We have been producing aluminium alloys for more than 16 years since we started our first business in 1998. Our alloys have been used in numerous industries. We are active on the internal Romanian market  and on the EU markets. Our experience and the quality of our products are our business card. Read more about us and our products! 

About us
Zial Aluminium Foundry Castings

Zial is a private registered company based in South Romania. It is active in the secondary aluminum alloy market. Our products are being sold on the Romanian market and abroad in the European Union countries. Our company produces o wide range of aluminium alloys while recycling aluminium shaving and others types of aluminium scrap. 

Our products are ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certified to ensure they respect the industry standards.


URS Certificate Zial
Spectro Zial
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