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Raw material

Aluminium turnings
Raw material - Alumiunium Shavings

In order to produce our alloys, we use different types of aluminium scrap. Over 85% of the aluminium scrap we recycle is represented by aluminium turnings resulting from industrial processing.  Most of it comes from the car production industry. For this reason, we can provide a constant production of aluminium castings and alloys that meet all quality standards.


Aluminium scrap
Raw material - Metal cubes

Besides aluminium turnings, we also use different types of aluminium scrap:


  • Aluminium Alloy Rims,

  • Aluminium Wires,

  • Extruded 6063 Aluminium,

  • Aluminium Beverage Cans,

  • Aluminium Castings,

  • Other types of aluminium scrap.



Become a supplier!

We are always looking for new suppliers or aluminium scrap. Mainly,  aluminium shavings but we are also interested in other types of aluminium scrap. 


Don't hesitate to contact us for more information.

Produsele noastre sunt certificate ISO 9001 și respectă toate standardele de calitate aflate în vigoare.

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